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mercredi 20 juin 2007

Of bricolages et coloriages

At the risk of sounding self-centred and obnoxious I have more than once felt a tinge of regret that being a stay at home mum,which is euphemism for housewife has meant that I have passed many an opportunity to be working. Staying home with kids equals spending days finding different bricolages to keep them occupied when the weather is miserable. I envy women who bosser (French slang for work) in a professional environment. I want to be surrounded by colleagues who find my ideas and opinions intelligible. I would love to have adult conversations with qualified professionals whose decision making would impact outcomes and have ramifications for firms. I want my quick thinking, analytical skills valued. I want to have deadlines, meetings, conferences and in short be an independent lawyer. I want to feel important. As much as I would not like to admit being a femme au foyer has the interesting factor and important factor of zilch. That is the impression I get from the general public, what good are stay at home mothers? They really only matter to their kids and hubby and elevating the future contributors to the workforce.

Instead I have to console myself with tuning my brain to the wavelengths of a four year old master manipulator and champion blackmailer and a two year old stubborn recalcitrant. I suspect that the adolescent years waiting ahead will have me writhing with disdain at growing pains, rebellion and what did I expect when I was rebellious myself and gave my mum anguish and heartache? Definitely something to look forward to. Oh joy!

I have a slight resentment towards being a housewife.
I have to stop languishing in this bullcrap and move onto something more positive, like exploiting my current status. Brain think tick tock think...

dimanche 17 juin 2007

What benefits if any arise from marriage to a pharmacist?


I am deliberately leaving it blank so you the readers can fill in with your own humorous inputs.

I expect a certain stealth creature to post comments here. :)


I feel especially guilty for letting the television and DVD player babysit my children.
I feel like all the different multimedia control our lives to a certain extent. I know if I put more effort into fulfilling creative or educational activities with my kids and let them watch less TV we would all be the better for it. It is hard to say no to such effortless and pure lazy indulgence.

I am tempted to live completely free of television. I would not be missing out on much because in fact the children and the husband reign over what we watch on TV : children during the day and my hubby at night after work. He understandably relaxes as he catches up on his favourite shows after a long laborous day.
After we have spent the day at playgroups or running errands together or playing in a park, the first thing Petit Suisse reaches for when we get home is the remote control. He works it like a pro.
The hubby is really into Doctor House MD currently. Before that it was Lost (the first season), then NCIS, Prison Break. I have very little or no say in what program the TV is switched to. Thus I think it only fit that I declare my household a TV free zone. I am uncertain as to who will be the hardest to convince the toddlers or the big kid.

I started off feeling guilty about the effect television has on those surrounding me but heck to borrow a phrase from Marie Antoinette who said 'Let them eat cake', I will end with 'Let them watch television'.

jeudi 14 juin 2007


I am so often damn tired these days...
Daily life exhausts me. Lack of excitement and routine bores me.
As much as the next person we all have similar daily struggles and our world has been reduced to consumerism and uninspired daily musings of which my blog now appartient.

It is a decline I am afraid.
The decline of old traditions and limits and the age of convenience and newfound liberty/freedom of expression.

Why do I have this nagging feeling that we have not progressed all that much on the front of freedom of expression???