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dimanche 28 février 2010


Shrek definitely needs to consult the wonderful world of food blogging. He is in desperate need of reinvention as a cook.

I have requested that he dabbles in referencing some recipes from food blogs so as to improve his culinary skills.

His one dish that he mastered was instant noodles and crêpes and now I am beginning to have real doubt in his ability to successfully churn out delicious and scrumptious crêpes as his latest batch was a miss. He has been having more misses than hits lately. Time to hit the books or web pages eh Shrekkie.

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Anonyme a dit…


First try differente things and then etablish a final recipe. Shrekkie

Fusion a dit…

Well you have tried different takes and your takes need some revising or updating.

A recipe is just a guide, you can adjust it after but at least have a base!

As far as I know I do not stick to recipes strictly because I tend to use left-over ingredients and incorporate that into whatever dish I am making. You have to have some notion as to what goes with what though.

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