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dimanche 29 mai 2011

Monsieur Catastrophe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One year of tending to and tender loving care for an orchid was dashed by a few seconds of a case of fiddly hands and sticky fingers.

I had cautiously tended to my orchid as if it was my fifth kid and Baby Taz in one of his moments des bêtises snipped all of the buds that were ready for flowering. The blooms were heartlessly tweaked and hence I am left with an orchid that will not bloom or flower this year eventhough I had been patiently waiting to witness the first blooms of spring. It was a dissapointing denouement.

Sometime Baby Taz renders me powerlessly at a loss for words due to the silly mischief he wields.

He profusely apologised but that did not console or soothe my loss. I really wanted to see the blooming orchids. Blooming hell !

samedi 28 mai 2011

Faux et faux: two wrongs do not make a right

Up until this point in time if my mind had not already been resolutely made up re the possibility of having more kids I reached the summit of no return and Shrek in part helped make up my resolve for me re not bearing any more kids.

Since Shrek brought up the subject of certain colleagues attempting to fall pregnant it eventually led to me professing about childbirth and how some women are presumptious when it comes to the method of delivery : i.e. some are bold enough to proclaim that Cesarian is more painful and recovery time takes longer short they sing the praises of a Cesarian (which most of them have electively) and dare to attack others who have given birth naturally par voie basse. I cannot claim to know how a Cesarian feels or anything associated with recovery and down time because I had four accouchements par voie basse. I am going to call out the women who say that Cesarian is harder etc...BULLSHIT ! People who have always had Cesarian births cannot claim to know what I went through but to pretend that it was less painful compared to a Cesarian is BULLSHIT. I know I am incensed by these idiotic women. If it is so fucken hard to have a Cesarian then do not choose or elect it except if it arises out of medical necessity. If you elected to have a Cesarian by choice then do not come crying afterwards that you wished you had given birth naturally. You have a scar well women who gave birth par voie basse have wear and tear on their vaginas too you presumptious fakes !

Reminder that pregnancy, childbirth are personal affairs and even the thought of sharing it with my life partner has to be approached with caution.

Shrek then had the audacity to crier à haute voix that 'You are the first woman in all of humanity's history to have given birth.' as if to emphasise the fact that I should not rassasier the same thing over and over. I feel I have the right to at least be heard. I did not scream or hurler when I gave birth but it did hurt and I am now not about to hide the fact that childbirth brought on suffering and incomparable pain but I did not let on at the time. Shrek said that he cannot change the past and that he could not right the wrongs he did etc...I am not asking for anything to be changed or the past to be rewritten because it simply cannot be done, all I ask for is to be humoured and validation and to be valorised at least but most of all to be heard. It is rather therapeutic to have a sympathetic listener and not one who nods mindlessly or who protests the way Shrek does.

Anyway I hope I have made myself clear on this front. I am certainly not the first nor last to have birthed babies. I gave birth four times under different conditions and each time was unique in its own way. I want my kids to know that childbirth is natural but it definitely is not a walk in the park and that it is a highly personal experience which can have resemblances and similarities but for someone to claim what I went through was easier and less pained than their own experience I highly doubt that. Leave me alone with my heightened senses.

Shrek suggested that we should not talk or discuss sensitive subjects etc. that is not my point. I need to vent and discuss and evacuate stress via discussion. He does also... he just needs to be more sensible and less judgemental and to listen more proactively, hear that Shrek ?

dimanche 22 mai 2011

Fête de L'espoir 2011

There were animations and games galore as the toy libraries and various associations set up stands on this gloriously sunny day at the annual event known as 'La Fête de l'Espoir'. La Fête comprises of family oriented stands with info as well as crafts and face painting... It is culminated by a live concert with artists who are generous enough to donate their time. The concert is incidentally broadcasted live on the giant projection screen.

This year kids had the opportunity to fabrique their own paper from only three ingredients : pâte de shredded and naturally recycled paper, colle d'amidon and water to meld it altogether.

Lil Miss N, Baby Taz and Lil Miss Feisty were all presented with opportunities to fabricate their own paper and it turned out superb.

It is a convivial time pour tous. I look forward to each Fête de l'Espoir with glee and anticipation.

mardi 17 mai 2011

My Nursery

Flowers in bloom or in waiting
My Nursery consists of three orchids and a mini Lady orchid which is just oh so cute in its minisculity as well as a lone orange lily plant which is just hanging on it seems.

Two of the orchids are thriving with the flowers in bloom still fresh as ever. The other one has buds and is showing promising signs of blooming. I am especially proud of the one that is promising great blooming/flowering potential as it is the first time one of the orchids I tend to actually flowers without any boost or fertiliser whatsoever. It survived and thrived solely on photosynthesis/sunlight and water and fresh air (as fresh as un apartement enfermé peut offrir)

Happy 4th Blog birthday

I began this blog four years ago on the 16th of May 2007, slightly more than 6 months before Baby Taz's birth.

This fourth birthday marks four kids and numerous events and changes and milestones but most of all it is my vent and a great place to document my culinary triumphs and attempts as well as my own personal growth and reflections and the four kids development and milestones to the best of my ability. I do every now and then go back down memory lane via this little blog of mine which is a minor achievement in itself. It helps to preserve memories because writing in a journal just does not appeal to me as much due to time constraints and lack of writing practice. I like many modern citizens have lost the habit of handwriting letters although I still think that the charm of handwriting can never be emulated or lost-

samedi 14 mai 2011

One hit wonder

Shrek has a penchance for repeating what he knows best.

His most reliable and oft go-to recipe is as follows

Take any red meat : rabbit, lamb, sheep, goat or capri etc
Brown the meat
Deglace with red wine
add chopped onions, carrots and laurier together with some beef stock

Let it simmer away til the meat is tenderised.

There you have it voilà Shrek's most proud concoction!

mercredi 11 mai 2011

Strange kinda day

It was a highly productive day with Shrek managing to install Gorm étagères

I had successfully rangée everything in the storeroom so that nothing was lying precariously on the floor but instead had a neat place on the newly installed Gorm shelves.
We had achieved so much in so little time and were ready to give ourselves pats on the back with a celebratory glass of booze. As it turned out we should not have begun the celebrating because soon after Baby Taz and Lil Miss Feisty misbehaved... They dropped and spread a poisonous substance (which Shrek can fill in...) onto our sofa leaving us with no choice but to immediately give them showers to rid off the stuff. We then had to change the sofa cover and wash the soiled cover.

The expression on Lil Miss Feisty's face was priceless as she attempted to hide her guilt by use of a cover up : she hid behind a card pretending to read it to ruse us.

The kids all went AWOL and I had not the opportunity to indulge in a long hot bath because they refused steadfastly to be in bed and get some shut eye.

TOTALLY exhausting.

Shrek was unnerved and his patience was tested.

We should have had a nice relaxing evening to wind down but alas that was not to be as we were stressed beyond our normal (flexible) limits and decided to call it a night.

vendredi 6 mai 2011

First cheesecake

I procured my first cheesecake and one which employed 0% fat cream cheese*. I was a bit worried because cream cheese with 0 % fat does not usually bode well for a cake but I was pleasantly surprised. I will however buy full fat cream cheese in the future for a more thoroughly satisfying mouth-feel. The texture with full fat cannot be replicated with zero fat cheese.

I am quite surprised how easy it was to procure a cheesecake, not a lot of effort went into it other than beating eggs with sugar, cream cheese, crème fraîche and mixing, pouring into a suitable cake pan/mould and baking followed by chilling (preferably overnight) . So there you have it steps of cheesecake making in a sentence.

* see the entry for 'Male shopper'

mardi 3 mai 2011

Rant for the day

I caught the tram at a reasonably busy peak time so there were not many seats left but I scored one. I then noticed a middle-aged woman (not quite an elderly) and decided to give her my seat.

I motioned to her :

'Vous voulez vous assoir ? '

Her response was a curt and brusque : 'Wouah' as if what I had done was a matter of course.

She sat down without one single whisper of 'mercy' or even flashing an appreciative smile or any form of/show of appreciation and then had the audacity and nerve to glare at me and gave me dirty looks because Baby Taz had put his feet out impeding the tram sensors when I had expressly told him no.

The self-entitlement of some people leaves me flabbergasted. I gave up my seat for her and I wanted it back. She was an able body and not old enough to be in need of a seat. I regretted soon after my bad decision to waste 'une geste d'urbanité' on an ill-mannered and self-entitled bitch.

Obviously not all Swiss are self-entitled and ill-mannered/rude scums but I somehow run into a lot of them on a frequent basis...must be my magnetic charm that draws the best out of the Swiss

End of rant !