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vendredi 31 août 2007

Swiss customs endorse veganism

A close inspection of the amendment to the Swiss customs regulation regarding food originating from animals will leave you with a 'what the heck?!?' reaction. I think Swiss customs regulations now resembles that of a vegan's diet as they prohibit everything that stems from animals including all dairy products, eggs or honey or dried fish...
It must be said though that the prohibition applies only to meat and all animal products that originate from outside of the European Union.

Importers are still allowed to import these prohibited products from countries that are not members of the European Union. It's a hypocrisy because importers have to pay tax on these products and thus are allowed the luxury of charging inexorbitant prices for the sought after delicacies from across the world. On the other hand the average traveller coming back from Asia cannot bring a few kilograms of dried beef into Switzerland thanks to this new law.

The veganistic tendencies of the new legislation leaves me wondering if I am a fish out of water here in Switzerland?

vendredi 10 août 2007

Prostitution is going to be a university course

Within the framework of reform a New Zealand university director of higher education has announced that a course on how to prostitute 'comme il faut' will probably be included as a new discipline reported by 'The New Zealand Herald'. A colleague added that these courses will have to be planned according to the same rigour and criteria as other courses and assuring a minimum standard. The government has yet to see an interest expressed by prospective students, investors, enterprises or tax payers.

What skills do one obtain after such a course? Will the certificate of a degree in prostitution render one a bona-fide hooker or gigolo???

mercredi 8 août 2007

Ode to IKEA (for my husband)

I adore thou o fearless one
Knowing full well thou art
Every handyman's fantasy
All consuming passion

IKEA is on the verge of total world domination with an all conquering concept.

IKEA is to furniture cum DIY cum useless decorations cum occasionally relevant or useful amenagements what McDonalds is to fast-food (or in some instances Food)

Beware an IKEA franchise is

Coming to a location near you.

Things to do when you are pregnant

Here are my favourite things to do without feeling the slightest tinge of guilt during my pregnancies: (in no particular order)

_ Eat to my heart's content.
_ Wolf down a block of dark chocolate (any other type will do when I have a craving) or thereabouts everyday. (Actually that is a slight exaggeration)
_ Have really shitty, hormonally induced temper tantrums and blame it on the increased raging hormones that has somehow engulfed me.
_ Tell my husband that being preggers is wrecking havoc with my normally unperturbed mood thus for him to not be perturbed by my extreme moodswings.
_ Feel absolutely fabulous that my bulging belly is perfectly acceptable and moreover celebrated. I am preggers after all duh !(I might be kidding myself here because I rarely felt this)
_ My normally contradictory self is even more pronounced with an emphasis on contradictory and/or paradoxical. I love being a paradox, that says it all.
_ Have irrational cravings
_ Give my husband a hard time for not being understanding or comprehensive enough about the whole ordeal of being hormonally charged and dealing with a burgeoning belly that is carrying no less than a human life.
_ Cry for no particular reason at all.
_ Having eternal fatigue and able to profit from that. (Although this was only possible during my first pregnancy because I had no other little being to take care of)
_ Taking full advantage of my state of being enceinte by asking people (mainly my hubby) to do things for me. I wish this was true but I have too much pride to ask for assistance unless it's necessary.
_ Taking it easy and putting my feet up. Unfortunately another wistful pensée because I have two toddlers who are turbulent to look after.

I think pregnant women are entitled to any perks they can convoke because frankly all the side effects and symptoms are not all that easy to bear. Morning sickness, nausea, inexplicable itchiness, insomnia, depression,feelings of inadequacy brought on by sudden change in shape/size of their bellies, thighs etc...

So pregnancy is the easy prelude compared to what it takes to raise a child in this oft frightening world. Try it only if you are game.