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dimanche 13 mai 2012

Happy Mother's day/Bonne Fête de maman !!!

It is my 9th Mother's day as it is intricably linked to Petit Suisse's age. I am proud of my children and hope that the legacy and heritage passed onto me by my mum will in turn be passed onto my children.

I use this blog as my open diary for my children, future grandchildren and future great-grandchildren to have an insight into me as first and foremost a woman (hopefully remarkable and incredible at that but that is not for me to is for them to decrire), a mum and a wife.

I hope they will appreciate all the nurturing and love I have shown them over the years...and Shrek as well. I hope they realise that as human beings we are prone to mistakes, failure as well as success, happiness and triumph but the most hard won battles are saveured much more. I want them to stand on their own two feet and be grounded  but always reaching for the stars and that we are masters of our destiny but there are forces beyond our control and comprehension. Life is unpredictable, miraculous and beautiful with all of its complexities and imperfections.

I received as gifts for La Fête de Mères : 1 marigold from Lil Miss Naughty in a pot painted and creatively beautifully by her, 1 purple flower (not sure of the name) in a recycled aluminium can dressed as a pot doted with hearts by Petit Suisse, one cardboard flower decorated by Lil Miss Feisty, a poem written on a heart by Lil Miss Naughty. I also had the privilege of being invited by Lil Miss N and Petit Suisse to a special Mother's day brunch. They split the cost of the brunch (for me only as Shrek took care of the rest)  in half. They paid with their own pocket money which they have saved up.

A touching Fête de Mères

Here is the poem offert par Lil Miss N

J'ai écrit "Je t'aime dans la neige : le soleil l'a effacé"
J'ai écrit "Je t'aime dans le sable : la mer l'a emporté..."
Alors j'ai écrit dans mon coeur "Je t'aime Maman"
Là, il restera gravé.