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vendredi 29 mai 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly redux

The good

Ficelle de Bourgonne
Cœur de poivre rose

The ugly so so

Cœur fourrées avec lardon

I am experiencing slight overdose of cheeses. I need a holiday in a tropical country where dairy is not accessible or easily available. I will not be eating dairy products for a good month or so and when I come back refreshed I will surely be ravenous for dairy again.

They said it

When asked by Shrek who the most important person in the household is, Lil Miss N without the slightest hint of hesitation or doubt coolly replied 'Me of course'.

I come in a close second.

Lil Miss N has a very healthy dose of narcissism or healthy self-image and self importance already.

dimanche 24 mai 2009


It felt like a heat wave today. The crowds and populace all had the same idea and found themselves at where else but the swimming pool. The swimming pool was swamped with thousands of people from God knows where. I did not realise up until this point that Geneva was overcrowded and resembled chaos. For some Swiss it is better to stay away on days like this.

The kids enjoyed themselves at the peril and expense of adults who are parental figures.

I was poolside and thus did not even so much as get my feet wet as I had 2 babies to take care of in the shade.

The swimming pool is for the brave. So much concentration. There were long lines everywhere, to buy tickets, to get in and to get refreshments, snacks or to the WC. Luckily I had a double pusher and was spared the wait. Whoohoo. One small consolation at least.

samedi 23 mai 2009


On turning on the hot water tap this morning I was flabberghasted (ok maybe I am exaggerating a bit here) and mistook my home for a dingy in a third world country and not a modern duplex in Geneva, Switzerland. There is no hot water. I hope to GOD that it is only a temporary hors service because I cannot live without my hot water.

It is a NECESSITY to me.

vendredi 22 mai 2009

A few of Shrek's fave things

'ça marche ou ça marche pas'

Shrek may look scary and tough but he's really prone to being stricken with sickness, allergies and tummy aches. I have to be extra careful or else he will contract cramps, food poisoning and itches at the blink of an eye. He is too sensitive and sensible à fleur de peau.

Shrek's most favourite phrase is 'It works or it does not work'. If it works --it can connote anything from tools to devices to objects to machines to services etc then it will be retained but if it does not then Shrek will decree it worthless and useless and thus worthy of being binned/trashed.

I do not oversimplify things the way Shrek does. It is Shrek's way of compartementalise and categorise things which can be applied to some but not all things.

Shrek is cute that way. If both of us viewed the world in shades of grey then it would create discord also. It is variety that spices and liven up life as we know it.

Shrek has made a concerted effort with household chores in general and I have made a note of all that he does.

Shrek scores on both efficiency and effort.

mardi 19 mai 2009

My therapeutic session

I just wanted to vent and let it be known once and for all so that no ambiguity or misinterpretations can be attributed to my actions or words.

I am mighty miffed, upset and most of all énervée each and every time Shrek does kitchen and or cooking duties. It happens rather rarely because he works to bring home the bacon and I do not in the least expect him to do everything around the house. Granted I DO expect some help. Everytime he cooks be it simple or complicated dishes that require a lot of preparations he complains and throws a hissy about the messy state of the kitchen and how it is total chaos there. I do not want to go into too much details but let there be no mistake I do not have the luxury of time that can be spent meticulously making the kitchen spotless as soon as I am done with making a meal. He makes it out like I am 'always' leaving behind what can easily be done in a matter of minutes: cooking and preparing meals, cleaning up and drying crockery, pots and pans... I am pissed off that every single freaken time it is the same damn story. MERDE
Sorry but my frustration has gotten the better of me. Shrek needs to realise that his good deed is usually ruined and spoilt by his engueulade.

To add salt to injury he has the audacity to insinuate that I leave behind bordel in the office/bureau. I am usually the one clearing the desk and I do leave papers or things to do or urgent stuff without filing immediately but what irks me to no end is the fact he implies that I am the only one messing up the desk when it is he who leaves a trail of stuff and junk...etc in the bureau as well.

Another annoying habit of his that sends me into a spin is the fact he jumps to 'his own twisted conclusions all too soon'. Take the example from his morning, he had the intention of doing some handywork in the garage. I simply asked 'Is it going to get messy ?' in other words 'Est-ce que c'est salissant?' Simply put if his clothes will be dirty, nowhere in there did I make any mention of 'Alors il faut que tu faire pas ce genre de travail si ça sera salissant.' I did not tell him not to go ahead and do the handywork but he interpreted it as such. I do not get it.. It irks me and frankly I do not know where he gets such pathetic connotations from. He then lectured me which I detest because I feel it is uncalled for and totally unnecessary. He went on and on about how he needed to get the work done no matter how gritty it is so that he can return his brother's tools or device...I am clueless when it comes to handywork or DIY... Anyway I need to remind him but he simply won't have any of it that he jumps too hastily to conclusions that I never intended...or even conjured up. I hate when being accused of thinking something that I did not command or beseech.

Shrek needs to realise that what he does is not acceptable and that as much as he attempt to help out it does not warrant his mouthing off about the so called messy state of things or unfairly accusing me of n'importe quoi. Shrek needs to reassess his behaviour and judgment and prejudices and predilections, I am tired of being at the receiving end of such abominable comportement.


vendredi 15 mai 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

There is almost nothing I hate more than chalky and bland, tasteless cheese. I have compiled my personal list of cheeses I have tried and the verdict.

Tasty cheese with character

Vacherin Fribourgois
Munster even if it stinks worse than smelly feet that have been imbibed in bile.
Brie easy to like
Bresse Bleu
Tomme : there are numerous different versions of this creamy treat. I like all of them especially the artisanal hand made delicacies.
Luzern/Lucernois fromage à la crème
Caprice des Dieu: variation on the double cream cheese

Chalky cheese without character:
St Paulin which I had given the benefit of doubt and tested twice: one French and one Swiss fabrication just to be sure I had not unfairly dismissed it. It was blandsville both times and without a doubt I will give it a miss in the future.
Cottage cheese, the cheese reminds me of cottage thighs i.e. cellulite and that is not a pretty association, all the more reason to find this cheese detestable.

and The UGLY
So so
Emmentaler:cheese with holes in them
Tête des Moines : they make pretty florets that are indispensable as a novelty and decoration on a cheese platter.

dimanche 10 mai 2009

My Mother's day gift

Last year I received the following poem from Petit Suisse

Si j'etais jardinier
Je ferais pousser
Une fleur
En forme de cœur.
Elle serait pour Maman
Qui la garderait longtemps
Car Maman saurait que la fleur
C'est tout l'Amour de mon cœur.

Mirrored this year about a mother's love

Supposons que ma main
soit une fleur,
Voyons un peu si
maman m'aime...
Elle m'aime !
Un peu !
Beaucoup !
Passionément !
Pas du tout !
Pas du tout ?
Méchante fleur, tu mens !
Je suis sûr que maman m'aime
De tout son cœur.

I really enjoy both and find them adorable but I do prefer the 'gardener' poem slightly.

Each Mothers day reminds me of my mum. All the sacrifices that she made for me during my childhood and even as I entered adulthood and left the nest to fly into the unknown that is Geneva. She was not always an easy going mum, lots of heartache, deceit took its toll and she was surely more than frustrated at what life had thrown at her. She did discipline like most Asian mums would with corporal punishment but as with most if not all Asian grown adults reflecting back on their childhood we all reconciled with the need for some form of discipline. The Westerner does not understand this yet I think some parents do much more damage with psychological abuse and the consequences are irreversible. I do not condone outright beating for the heck of it but if a kid needs to be kept in line then disciplining them will not result in scars of the psychological kind. Europeans place too much importance on treating children as responsible adults. They are not !!! They need time to mature before they reach maturity one must guide them and rein them in sometime.

She woke up at ungodly hours like 3 or 4 in the morning to go to work when we first arrived in Sydney. She singlehandedly without any help raised 2 kids, saving all her money trying her best to secure a Catholic school education which cost her more than she could afford and left her with little attributed to other recreational activities or expenses. She did not get any assistance from my dad whatsoever if anything he burdened her even more. When I was readying myself for departure from Sydney she reassured me that whatever makes me happy is enough for her. All she wanted was the belief that I was going to be happy embarking in my new life abroad away from family, friends and all that I held sacred. It was a culture shock living in Geneva and still is. Shrek did not help me integrate and I felt extremely vexed, isolated and lonely save for the very few friends I managed to make. Anyway the situation now has improved...and I do not have to conceal my unhappiness from my mum for fear she will in turn be even sadder.

She taught me the ability to laugh at myself and to have a sense of humour which can help one in times of despair. She also taught me lots of people skills and networking know-how as well as the proper and correct way to treat people. She told me that forgiveness and peace with oneself can set one free although I must admit I struggle with this concept/principle and cannot forgive those who have wronged me so easily. She also takes comfort in her prayers which is her way of coming to terms with the hardships she face. She has incredible courage and constantly tackles obstacles with optimism.
Filial duty and piety is not something easily comprehended. Asians get this much more...
Before veering off too much I just want to add that I do not resent my mum for the disciplinary actions she took. She did have my best interests at heart and at times perhaps expressed it based on her inclinasions and leanings but I am most thankful for having been blessed with such an extraordinary woman as a mum. I do hope that I can set an example for my own children and they will be as proud of me as I am of my mum. I do not need a special day in the year to celebrate the love I have for my mum but I will take the opportunity to give her my heartfelt thanks and gratitude and to offer her the best tribute I can. She is a believer that all things are possible.
She taught me many more lessons all of which I hold close to my heart. I do not follow all her advice because as I carve out a path for myself and discover my place in the world equipped with wisdom and experience passed onto me by my mum I will form my own opinions, conjectures and theories .

Here is to you mum for your unconditional love (although you do have expectations and hopes for me that I did not fulfil), your undeniable and continual sacrifices, your maniacal reminders riddled with superstition but well intentioned.
I love you and hope that my children will be as affected by me as I am by you.

mercredi 6 mai 2009

2 year anniversary

Today marks the two year anniversary of my blog. On this very day two years ago 06/05/2007 I posted a poem entitled 'Children'. Oddly enough my blog arose from my frustration at the time coping with being a full time stay at home mum taking care of three kids and has evolved into something quite therapeutic and now exactly two years after I have chalked up one more kid.

This blog is frivolous and serious simultaneously. It is both my creative outlet and a vent for me to rant about all and everything.

Here is to many more auspicious years of fruitful pickings, if not let it simply be. It is way cheaper than therapy sessions and I can get things off my chest which is not half bad.

lundi 4 mai 2009


Shrek was right and I should have listened to Shrek's wise and sage words re sofa bed protector also known as canapé protège-housse. I bought a lousy and abominably sewn piece of crap that is overpriced and which will last a full week if that thinking that I could refresh the sofa by redressing it with a semi-pretty housse. I'll concede that Shrek scored this time.

Although I have to add that for some weird reason unfathomable and incomprehensible to me most men and Shrek in a big way detest and abhor exchanging or returning or asking for refunds whatever the case may be. It seems that doing so is going to get one humiliated and Shrek is simply too proud to stoop to such base depravity. It is imprinted into their genetic code that reclaiming is petty. It is usually I who have to put aside any shred of dignity I have and to march to the return counter and reclaim or complain. I do relish that to an extent. Call me silly or masochistic but I do revel in the opportunity to self-inflict and contend myself with small/petty albeit unglorious victories.