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lundi 31 mars 2008


Shrek's philosophy in the kitchen involves throwing everything in the pot: proteins aka meat, fish etc, veggies, herbs and spices in one go, heat to boiling point then simmer and hope for the best. No need for taste-testing or superfluous and tedious attention to details. His philosophy is a winning adage to overcooked food and bland disasters.

mercredi 19 mars 2008

A night in Paris

My hubby just said He'd like to have 'A night in Paris' (not the city). I seriously think that he's wantin to stir me up...

I deliberately named this blog 'celebrity blog NOT' because I did not want to fall into the trappings of dissing or discussing or mentioning any celebrities to feel superior about myself but thanks to my hubby I have committed the unthinkable and mentioned 'Paris' although I prefer to refer to Paris the city exclusively amen.

Why have children ?

It is Shrek's belief that children are our future EMS or nursing home visitors: if we do not have children we cannot expect visitors to our senile senior citizens abodes. That is the utmost reason for having kids.

dimanche 16 mars 2008


It has been uneventful of late and instead of boring you with details of mundane daily gripes I have decided to not update for a while. Couple that with a baby who does not enjoy being put in his crib for more than 15 minutes by himself. I only wish I was exaggerating. I kid you not...

Reluctant mother eschewing Feminism

I do not mean to be a first class whine but am afraid that I more often than not can be found venting my frustrations and simultaneously complaining about my predicaments.

I feel like raising three kids and being a conventional housewife (not to be confused with a convectional oven but oh the similes are endless) has led to me reverting the feminist movement by thousands of years. I am reinstating Patriarchal hierarchies.

The roles and sole responsibilities of a woman as primary carer to children and housemaid are executed brilliantly by me. It is remarkable that I am condemned to the confines of domesticity forever.

Before motherhood I never needed the aid of lists or memory jogs but since becoming a mum I have resorted relentlessly to lists thereby honing my secretarial skills. Now I can proudly claim that I am an efficient and organised lister. I should be eligible for auditors positions at the Hotel des finances equivalent of which is the ATO in Australia.

The most virtuous trait I learned from reluctantly taking on the role of mummy is patience. Oodles of it. One cannot lose ones balls for the sake of ones sanity when dealing with adept and highly sneaky little negotiators. In short I learned important lessons in conflict resolutions skills that should enhance my job profile should I decide to apply for positions in human resources.

I am a multi-tasker and task-juggler and am able to cook, clean one-armed or one-handed even and that is no easy feat.

Alas all the skills above mentioned will not get me far at any job interview.

Screw the feminist movement. I think the utmost importance lies in 'liberated' and 'choices'. What good is the feminist movement if all a woman can feel is guilt, culpability and left with no choice but to work and penetrate mens domains ? All the power to women who break the glass ceilings but I feel at the end of the day women who choose with liberty to do whatever they want to with their lives and not necessarily do what society expects of them are the real deal feminists. It frustrates me that people assume that because I am a stay at home mum for the moment I have limited capacity and all the stereotypical bullshit that go with that. I do not mean to boast but I hate having to justify myself and my choices. I am a law graduate and not a simple minded girl who got married, have kids and will forever be implicated as nothing more than a domesticated maid, no disrespect to those who are but I am not that. I am WOMAN, hear me ROAR!!!

Enough ranting and raving for now... I am starting to sound like a dry, old and bitter shrew.

I am a reluctant mum and my childrens' antics frustrate me to no end...but despite all the opportunites lost, setbacks, what if ponderments and what not I go to bed more satisfied than if I was childless. I have my children to be thankful for.