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mardi 14 juillet 2009


I finally have a break from the routine that was making my life miserable. I need some time to myself and that is exactly what I am getting.

I love Shrek and my kids but being able to have even just an hour to myself to do whatever the hell I please and not answer to anyone is what is needed.

In other words I am enjoying myself and it's a win-win situation for all concerned.

Shrek tends to be uptight and somewhat overprotective at times, maybe too conservative to some even. He needs to loosen up and live a lil.

It's good to be conservative and prudent and careful but being able to have fun and not worry about deadlines, frameworks and limitations imposed by work or daily chores is an ability that Shrek still has not mastered. When one is working one needs order and set rules but when one is on holidays one needs to relax and be spontaneous. He is not exactly the type to live and let live.

(Shrek you do not need to take to heart what has been said here and remember that it is always constructive criticism that is supposed to ensure you improve certain aspects of your character/personality or to give you another perspective that you might not have been aware of)

A holiday to me is epitomised by spontaneity and rest and relaxation which pronounces a difference from the normal daily routine or everyday struggle.

I do miss Shrek terribly.