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dimanche 29 juillet 2007

When night falls

Light illuminates the morning sky
A life began
The iridescent glow irradiates warmth
Vibrant peak glimmers for all to admire
One weeps from overflowing joy
A life is born into the world
The peak of noon soon takes over
Incandescence begins to diminish
Curbed by the distant call
Dimmer and dimmer the sky becomes
mirroring the decline in an almost lifeless body
Ravaged by age and disease
Robbed by the hands of time
Gradual disappearance

Sounds of Silence falls on deaf ears

samedi 28 juillet 2007


My husband's idea of a fun day out is to go and spend hours perusing through his latest preoccupation at the eletronics megastore MediaMarkt. Typical of a male init?

I would much rather go shoe shopping or bargain hunting. Does that just make me a
shoe-a-holic or bargain hunter or a shallow femme?

Mr Freeze

On our recent road trip to Sète in the South of France to celebrate our fifth marriage anniversary I discovered the power of advertisements!
We were walking along the shores of Balaruc Les Bains and saw an ice-cream parlor. They claimed to have 'glaçes artisanales', which means home made. My husband joked that the only thing that was authentic about the ice cream was the fact the industrially made blocks had to be loaded into the display window by human hands.

Petit Suisse insisted on having a raspberry flavoured ice block. I did not know the real reason as to why he was so insistent on having an ice block when there was an array of attractive ice cream flavours on display.

At dinner time we sat in a restaurant having a gigantic seafood platter entourée by oysters, prawns, crayfishes and numerous other molluscs. Petit Suisse started to sing a jingle which all of a sudden sounded familiar.
It went something like 'Mr Freeze, Mr Freeze...' He sang it in a perfectly melodious tune which unfortunately cannot be reproduced on a two dimensional computer screen.
I glanced at the packaging of the now finished ice block and found 'Mr Freeze' written on it. I subsequently asked Petit Suisse how he came to know about Mr Freeze and he nonchalently answered "I saw it on Tele".

Hubby and I looked at each other and with a telling look, Television adverts do sway impressionable kids and that is the goal of marketing and advertising. Target scored! Need I say more.
The next day while we were in the supermarket he adamently demanded we buy the 'Monster' shaped biscuits fabricated by Lorenz which coindidentally he saw on Television.

I have to be careful not to let too many adverts sway my kids into the latest trend, food, snack, toy, gadget and what not.
Damn advertisements!!! I must admit they are effective for the most impressionable audience though and my kids are in no way immune to the floods of ads...

mardi 24 juillet 2007

Picture purrrfect

I have a theory that there is a conspiracy against me that condemns me to have the majority of photographs taken by various people to look atrocious. I either have my mouth full or a sheepish grin. People without forewarning just happen to descend upon my having put a mouthful of alimentation and without allowing me a few seconds to swallow snap, flash and capture my mouthful on camera. The sheepish grin I cannot really explain away but it is also a frequent event.

My husband thinks it is my vanity that speaks when I complain about having less than flattering images captured but he has no room for speech as I can hardly remember him having a photo where he has his mouthful.

lundi 23 juillet 2007

Life in motion

The overwhelming pace of modern day Ho Chi Minh city is juxtaposed next to the deafening calmness of Geneva. I am attempting to find a balance between the silence and stillness and the hectic and boisterousness which is by no means an easy feat.


Poetic Justice
Ode to joy
Ever so fleeting
Thoroughly engrossing
Realm of insatiable greed

lundi 16 juillet 2007

guilty pleasure

I partake in the shameful audience of a trashy TV serie 'L'ile de la tentation' or 'Temptation island'. I coerce my husband into watching it with me through persuasive blackmail...

I can afford myself some piece of trash because strangely enough it makes me feel detendue. The bonus lies in the sadistic pleasure of watching my husband writhe and worm in his seat due to his total lack of interest in this serious garbage. :)


A little piece of tidbit about how ungainly or awkward I really am. I once used an eyeliner pencil to outline my eyebrow. After I had drawn the line I was horrified to note that the line was a ghastly dark green. It took me all of 15 minutes or so of scrubbing and excessive amounts of makeup remover before the line began to fade.

Needless to say I have learned from this faux pas.

I am nothing if not une championne de faux pas and proud of it!

jeudi 5 juillet 2007

When life happens, the blog lags behind

I have been occupied with kiddy things lately and all the mundane daily chores. I feel like I have lost a bit of myself in all the daily connundrums.

To more positive thinking I have resolved to be happy in the here and now. To be grateful for the things I have and not crave and pine for all the things I do not.

As Oscar Wilde once said "The biggest tragedy is not having what you want, but the bigger tragedy is getting what you want."

We as humans are insatiable and thus will forever beat ourselves over opportunities lost or the idiomic optical illusion of the grass is always greener on the other side.

When we finally get the very thing we have been pining for or realise a dream, we are dissapointed because getting to that dream has made us realise that we no longer want that elusive chimera. We will chase whatever we do not have within our grasp, once within our grasp we will chase it away with a nouveau chimera...

Live in the moment. I resolve to eat well, drink well, sleep well and f*ck well. That should put to rest the other negligible and unimportant details.