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samedi 19 janvier 2013

Ski libre

Petit Suisse tried skiing for the first time thanks to the Snow for free program (a sponsored event) which gives kids  who have never skied or snowboarded before the opportunity to try skiing/snowboarding for the first time or to hone their skills on the slopes. It is true to its website name completely Gratuit. The program even lends material to kids. Petit Suisse being a debutant was able to learn and enjoy himself. He took on Piste Bleu which is the second level.. I am so very proud of my little baby for I was a bit dubious beforehand as to how he will fare and if he would be able to ski at all seeing as it was his first time trying out skiing shoes and putting on skis.

It exceeded my expecations and went better than I had hoped. When he came back from the day long séjour he exclamed I had a blast and would love to go skiing again.

Thanks again to the Snow for free  organisers, sponsors and everyone involved who made it happen !!!

mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Fondue raté

Who would have thought that I could screw up Fondue that quintessential Swiss specialty of bread being dipped in melted cheese.

I learnt that 1 tablespoon of bicarbonade de sodium is enough to render the Fondue elastic resembling the texture of chewing gum and thereby ruining Fondue altogether. Luckily Shrek was there to save the day. Merci mon coeur <3 p="p">