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lundi 29 octobre 2007

Shrek the pancake breaker !

Shrek cannot make pancakes to save himself if his life depended on it as evidenced by a second non-successful attempt effectuated two Sundays ago.
Donkey did not let this opportunity to humiliate Shrek of his shortcoming go to waste. Donkey punctuated this failed attempt with 'Shrek has made crêpes', 'Shrek has made crêpes once again' when he used ingredients that should have yielded pancakes according to a recipe which Fiona had meticulously google.
Chat botté was being neutral and did not add insult to injury. She kept quiet as she knows not to raise the ire or stir her father into a frenzy.
Donkey being a vociferous and at times caustic chatterbox that he is revels at the slightest chance of shredding Shrek's onion layers and giving Fiona fits of uncontrollable chuckle worthy of the tears caused by peeling of onion skins.

Shrek being the pig-headed ogre that he is insisted that the flour did not need to be sifted and that measurements were useless instead he added 'only god knows how much' amount of milk, flour, baking powder etc... This method strangely enough works marvelously when he makes crêpes but pancakes are a different sort of 'hot cake' altogether.

Shrek 0 Team Fiona 2

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