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mercredi 28 novembre 2007


The cold weather has really brought about a hivernale feel aka winter is here!!! It is awfully hard to get out of bed in the morning and unless one has got to be somewhere like work or school, one would infinitely prefer to stay in bed.

Hibernation is what animals do when the chills arrive and we as humans are no different. We are animals even if we would like to think of ourselves as some sort of superior being because we have the faculties and capacity to think.

I am finding it difficult to compose, create or be motivated. I am affected by the weather darnit. I am a summer person or at the very least spring. Autumn and winter just makes me want to hibernate and wake up when spring is here once again.

Other than the long winded essay on hibernation I have not got a lot to post about.

Back to the nice warm bed with the doona 'tis.

This post was just a post for post's sake

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