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vendredi 4 avril 2008

Keeping it real

Let's face it who can afford to be chic and gorgeous at all times when she has no nanny, no butler, housekeeper or minder... to take care of boresome little everyday chores. Who can be covered in facepaint and polish at all times because she has access to manicurists, make-up artists and trainers at her beck and call or be draped in designer clothes all day long ? Although I have my own personal style which is inimitable and I do not mean to boast but I certainly can pretty up when I have 15 minutes to spare and quickly whip up a look. I keep it real most of the time but can be found reeked with a hint of maquillage and scented whenever I feel like it just so I can remind myself that I am capable of being hot when I can be bothered.

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