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dimanche 13 juillet 2008

Stuff Asians like

In correlation to the 'Stuff white people like' I have a new category for my blog called unoriginally enough 'Stuff Asian people like'. It's not an original idea but the Asians are renowned for bootlegging and pirating copyright much to the chagrins of big record companies. I can say I am an Asian.

To start off Asians love status associated with a tertiary or post-graduate education or best of all a PhD. That is not to distinguish them from other races but they love showing off their status (by extension) with a vengeance. They will discuss any trophies they might have and the level of education their children have achieved through sacrifices and pure perseverance. They would give up on life's little luxuries save the necessities just so their children can have a shot at attending the best universities and do the family proud.

To empathise with an Asian one would require to appear educated. Asians place very high importance to education. One could say I have an MBA at the University of life. If they ask where is that one would be able to quip You know LIFE, try it.

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