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dimanche 31 octobre 2010


Bb Ben's progress with verbal expression is just amazing.
She knows how to say mama, papa as a matter of course.
Her impressive vocabulary includes
nana or nanna (her maternal grandmother),
ông- grandpa or any man as a matter of fact,
ba` grandma or any woman,
xin (which i am irrepressibly glowing about) depicting her earnestness and can be roughly translated to 'please or s'il te plaît' ,
thu*o*ng -love,
pot -when she wants to pee or poop
me. - mum
bô' - dad
a(n -eat
nu*a : encore or again
nu*o*'c literally means water when she wants to drink liquid
cho' literally dog but Bb Ben denotes any animal as cho'
chim : bird
mo*? : open

She can pronounce her siblings nicknames.
She also has a knack for repeating words as imitation is the shortest route to enlightenment.

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