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mercredi 9 mai 2007

A housewife's salary estimated to be worth 168 000 Swiss Francs

How I beamed with glee when my husband gave me an article published in the newspaper about actual monetary estimates of a housewife's worth: a hypothetical salary of 168 000 Swiss Francs per year. To any woman who thinks that all her unpaid, under-appreciated workload that seems to never end 'This article gives you vindication!' The study by the American institute based its findings on 40 000 females. Ten different careers are associated with a housewife of which two are my standout favourites : that of CEO and psychologist.

According to this study I am earning more than my husband. Somehow it is a bit of a denouement because at the end of the day I still feel exhausted, overworked and most important of all unpaid. So much for my hypothetical salary of 168 000 Francs.

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