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lundi 14 mai 2007

To sell or not to sell : my soul that is

I have hesitated or procrastinated for a good few years before finally kickstarting my first blog. The main reason being I wasn't too sure if selling out my soul to the web community is what I really wanted.

I stumbled upon the world of blogs accidentally one day while I was googling a recipe of some sort. Yes typical of a temporary housewife (I hate this word with a vengeance) to be searching for what else but new recipes to try out. Since then I have periodically scanned different blogs, some food blogs, some that I think are humorous and some just ridiculous.

The majority of the blogs are self-confessional. It is an attention grabbing tool but can at the same time mask the identity and maintain anonimity of the author if he or she so chooses. Everywhere I turn there is a new blog whose owner is in talks for a book contract. It seems that these days literary genius or the mastery of language are no longer prerequisites for would be authors. Publishing companies are undermining literary values to sign book contracts with anyone who has a juicy story to tell. It matters not whether the story revolves around mundane subjects or extraordinary matters so long as it will sell books.

Money and Fame,it seems are what we all ultimately seek. I would be the first to admit that I would not turn down monetary offers of any kind if they indeed come my way.

So here on my little niche on the web I sell my soul to the highest bidder. Let the bidding begin.

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Cao Nguyen a dit…

I'm not much of a soul collector or anything like that, so I can't really give you a bid. Sorry. But everyone's soul is priceless so there is no point.

Nice to see that you have joined the blogging bandwagon. I used to pour my heart and soul out in cyber space once, but then I lacked the commitment. To the point where they closed down my site, how sad.

Continue the good work. You'll be hearing from me soon...