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vendredi 31 août 2007

Swiss customs endorse veganism

A close inspection of the amendment to the Swiss customs regulation regarding food originating from animals will leave you with a 'what the heck?!?' reaction. I think Swiss customs regulations now resembles that of a vegan's diet as they prohibit everything that stems from animals including all dairy products, eggs or honey or dried fish...
It must be said though that the prohibition applies only to meat and all animal products that originate from outside of the European Union.

Importers are still allowed to import these prohibited products from countries that are not members of the European Union. It's a hypocrisy because importers have to pay tax on these products and thus are allowed the luxury of charging inexorbitant prices for the sought after delicacies from across the world. On the other hand the average traveller coming back from Asia cannot bring a few kilograms of dried beef into Switzerland thanks to this new law.

The veganistic tendencies of the new legislation leaves me wondering if I am a fish out of water here in Switzerland?

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