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mardi 3 juin 2008


I was in the middle of changing my little Baby A when little Miss N popped in to check in on what I was up to. She marvelled at the wonderment that is associated with removing the soiled nappy, wiping and putting on a new nappy, followed by dressing clothes. She is easily amused.

The conversation veered towards how babies are unable to feed or go to the loo by themselves thus me being the responsible parent must do all that for Baby A.

Little Miss N then reassured me that when I am old and have transformed into a baby mummy she will feed helpless little baby me and wipe my behind after I have poo-poo or wee-wee. Petit Suisse will be responsible for Shrek.

This is utmost reassuring as I know that in 40 years time if I have evaded Alzheimers and miraculously still have my mind intact without suffering from mild senility that I will be able to go back to my blog and point out to her that she indeed told me on this day that I will not have to suffer the fate of the aged senior of being put in an EMS (nursing home) to await my final day but will instead be able to count on her for caring for me the way I cared for Petit Suisse, her and Baby A, more specifically feeding and changing me just like one would a babe.

I suspect then that I will not be the one with senility but it might be another certain Miss N who will suffer from selective memory. She will no longer be little and will retort with

'Mum, I do not remember having this conversation with you whatsoever. You are imagining things and suffering from Alzheimers, senility or whatever else the oldies suffer from.'

Miss N, I have on record that you told me so and will hold you to your 'words' eventhough you were only three when you made the promise. You might come to regret telling me in that nonchalant manner that you would care for an elderly. Ignorance is not an excuse.

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