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vendredi 15 mai 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

There is almost nothing I hate more than chalky and bland, tasteless cheese. I have compiled my personal list of cheeses I have tried and the verdict.

Tasty cheese with character

Vacherin Fribourgois
Munster even if it stinks worse than smelly feet that have been imbibed in bile.
Brie easy to like
Bresse Bleu
Tomme : there are numerous different versions of this creamy treat. I like all of them especially the artisanal hand made delicacies.
Luzern/Lucernois fromage à la crème
Caprice des Dieu: variation on the double cream cheese

Chalky cheese without character:
St Paulin which I had given the benefit of doubt and tested twice: one French and one Swiss fabrication just to be sure I had not unfairly dismissed it. It was blandsville both times and without a doubt I will give it a miss in the future.
Cottage cheese, the cheese reminds me of cottage thighs i.e. cellulite and that is not a pretty association, all the more reason to find this cheese detestable.

and The UGLY
So so
Emmentaler:cheese with holes in them
Tête des Moines : they make pretty florets that are indispensable as a novelty and decoration on a cheese platter.

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