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lundi 4 mai 2009


Shrek was right and I should have listened to Shrek's wise and sage words re sofa bed protector also known as canapé protège-housse. I bought a lousy and abominably sewn piece of crap that is overpriced and which will last a full week if that thinking that I could refresh the sofa by redressing it with a semi-pretty housse. I'll concede that Shrek scored this time.

Although I have to add that for some weird reason unfathomable and incomprehensible to me most men and Shrek in a big way detest and abhor exchanging or returning or asking for refunds whatever the case may be. It seems that doing so is going to get one humiliated and Shrek is simply too proud to stoop to such base depravity. It is imprinted into their genetic code that reclaiming is petty. It is usually I who have to put aside any shred of dignity I have and to march to the return counter and reclaim or complain. I do relish that to an extent. Call me silly or masochistic but I do revel in the opportunity to self-inflict and contend myself with small/petty albeit unglorious victories.

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