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vendredi 21 janvier 2011


Is it any wonder with gustly winds of up to 30 km per hour I was literally blown away by said gustly wind and am less than impressed with the northerly wave of bises thereby leaving me with spinal chills and gla gla gla piercing frostbite ?

One thing I am thankful for though is that Switzerland has been relatively free from natural disasters save the avalanches. Men when pitched against nature with all of its awe-inspiring force will lose as in the cases of tsunamis, eathquakes, floods and so on and so forth. Nature always wins and we are left reeling in its wake of the damages : human lives and material economical damages.

I speak of the worst floods in Australia since more than a century and it is a sad turn of events. Could there have been any way of preparing for and dealing with such a massive attack ? The answer is try as we may we can simply curb and restrain the destroying power of nature to a small albeit insignificant extent but we cannot curtail it !

I pray that the clean up will be done swiftly. Natural disasters are nothing new and if it does not affect someone one is related to or connected to in some way it is somehow dismissed because human nature is centred and all the worlds problems are too large for one to carry.

I am literally blown away in Geneva by the gust but am moreover even more blown away by the floods that are drenching parts of Australia. I do hope people will be able to get back on their feet eventually but that is a far cry into the future. I am with them in spirit for it is in such causes that humanity unite.

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Go Aussie, go!!!