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mardi 1 mars 2011

Mister Catalyseur

A very costly lesson was learned today by our family.

Heavy crystal glasses + unstable and fragile wooden planche = accident waiting to happen and disastrous colossal consequential breakage free falling and shattering into a million glass shards with the ability to injure membranes and limbs.

We were getting ready to eat and the raclette warmers had to be cleared from the table. Its place was in the vitrine which was burgeoning with precious crystal glasses and carafes and porcelain plates. The fragility of the vitrine was weighed down with such poids lourd and when Shrek opened the glass door with a thud it was like lightning had struck and all the crystals came crashing down. I saw the cocooned, prized and treasured babies' downfall and had a slight pique as some 500 Francs worth of cherished glassware had fallen to pieces but I immediately came to my senses and realised that what is 500 Francs worth of material stuff when more importantly we were left unharmed.

I do however shed a little tear for my beloved crystals and glassware. Even little Baby Taz knew of my distress and came to give me a much needed hug. He can be sensitive and has a heightened sense of when tenderness and hugs are needed. He also comforted me by saying 'It's going to be alright mummy.'

I do lament the fact that the glasses and porcelain had endured and survived transportation from Sydney Australia: a mere two continents away, numerous moves and va-et-vient and shake-ups and our rambunctious kids and countless clinks and dinks and yet within a second of Shrek's steely force it all came tumbling down to an abrupt end. Gravity has no mercy and the higher the fall and the heavier the object the more merciless, disgraceful, damaging and severe the fall to the point of no return or saving grace.

Lesson learnt as I will not be weighing my vitrine down with any more heavy and cumbersome objects. The vitrine is purely and solely reserved for decorative objects of light stature and should not be burdened with heavyweights.

It was defitnitely not Shrek's night as soon after Baby Taz spilled his dinner on himself and Shrek later spilled red wine on our sofa which luckily for us is dark brown in colour which means that it goes unnoticed.

I was supposedly the clumsy klutz but after tonight's epic episode Shrek is definitely the more accident prone one in our relationship. Take that Shrekkie ;)

This reminds me of the time he left a bottle of bubbly in the freezer and totally forgot about having left it there resulting in an explosion which luckily left us unharmed.

We start anew tomorrow.

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