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jeudi 24 décembre 2009

Award scheme

The stickers for good behaviour is all swell but there is an incentive that even a 6 and a half and a 5 year old cannot pass up: it is tadatada what else but money. The seeming preoccupation with monetary gain starts as young as when they realise that everything has a price but that the most important things in life are priceless : love and personal pride.

At this age though thankfully they do not know the difference between 5 cents and different monetary units or loose change as yet. The differentiation and distinction/ ability to distinguish values will come soon enough and I will as a result have to devise a proper reward scheme which might goes something like
1 Franc or Dollar (depends on where I live by then) for each household chore
1 or 2 Francs for a good mark and more for a good report card (carnet)

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