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jeudi 17 décembre 2009

Early or late, your call

When running late for the bus, it will leave early. When you are early for the bus or any event, others will arrive late and so will the bus. One cannot be on time on the dot as you are either late or early. Being on time is a Swiss myth.

Shrek is especially uptight about being on time.

He is always saying to me : One minute late is too late.


You must leave on time to be on time.

In some ways it is good to be on time as that would be meeting people's expectations and in professional environments it is an obligation save emergencies. The simple and most important reason for being on time at work is that others who count on you can rest assured that you will arrive on time and hence carry out the days tasks. Customers or clients or patients or business partners all need certainty and predictability when it comes to timeframes but in personal spheres and circles it is important to be flexible and allow for some transgressions because let's face it when it does not involve or revolve around work who wants to go to all lengths to be on the dot ? It takes the fun, spontaneity and enjoyment out of social gatherings.

Thanks to Shrek I have probably improved my timeliness.

Shrek needs to be reminded though that it is only a detail sometime and he needs not be too didactic and inflexible or dictatorial. This same attitude can also extend to other aspects of his personality. Dictatorial pointiness is not desirable. I can attest to that !

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