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samedi 5 décembre 2009

Potty torture


Literally speaking. Let me elaborate further.

I am sort of regretting my early insistence on toilet training Baby Taz. Everytime he is about to or has already soiled his nappy with stinky poo he will undo the velcro attachments on either side of his nappy, pull said soiled nappy down and proceed to eeeeeek step on the poo or sit on it and immediately thereafter run havoc all over the place thereby spreading poo and rendering the floor wrenched with a stench and impressioning his faeces laced footprints...making it easy to trace a path of where he has been.

The odour and mess is just astounding. He has done this a few times and Shrek and I are really horrified by it. He is a lil terror and more...indescribably full of hyper energy that he burns off by getting into mischief and vexatious behaviour. He has the potential to be a prankster.

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