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dimanche 11 avril 2010

A room of her own

A room of her own is exactly the kind of inspiration I need.

A room of her own symbolicly means somewhere whether real or imaginary a place that I can be with my thoughts and not just playing 'mum' or wife. I suspect that I do not have the luxury of being with my own thoughts much.

'Happiness is of our own making'

This is much easier said than done but at the end of the day one can choose to be depressed (I am guilty of this most of the time) or one can remind oneself that one is much more fortunate than most and hence count ones blessings.

Life throws many hands at us some unhappy and sad and utterly tragic events but it is the contrast that ultimately plays out and show us that happiness is a state of mind and a transient state that one need to savour in the moment because fleetingly it will pass just like everything else.

I do not aspire for exaltation, greatness or even recognition. Fame and fortune smiles and chances upon some talented and determined souls but it can also be shone upon the most pathetic individuals. To leave an indelible mark upon those who matter to us and to impress upon them and affect/influence them in some way is really how ones legacy will live on. The latter is what I aspire to as it lasts long after I am gone.

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