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jeudi 20 décembre 2007

From politics to ABC

During my university days I was quite a prolific and active left-wing idealist. It went so far as a vocal me engaging in protest at the G8 summit held in Melbourne in 2000. I was tireless in my political activities and it pained me to see so much injustice in the world.
I held leftist convictions which have been tamed somewhat and slowly digressed more and more towards the centre of the political spectrum the older I became and the more expanded the size of my family.

I still hold leftist convictions but have realised that neither extremes of the spectrum are practiceable alternatives. One cannot have pure capitalism nor communism because humans are flawed and theories are just that good in theory but by no means can be carried out by flawed humans to reflect its original pure intent. Marxism or capitalism both have reason and to deny the other by leaning to one end of the spectrum is unreasonable.

I believe that the powerful and developed nations owe it to the underdeveloped and developing third world their wealth and thus have to aid these in attaining a more equitable and sustainable economy without installing puppet governments.

I now have progressed to the ever so enlightening phase of singing ABC and other nursery rhymes to my adorable kids. I am a mum and that is a paramount responsibility not to be taken lightly.
The regeneration is important in this ever increasingly uncertain and insecure world. One knows not how the mechanics of world politics will spin and when the heavy armor will be deployed but I prefer to weigh my priorities by what is the most immediate in my sphere and invest in the future of my kids. World politics has to come second to educational aids such as ABC song and childrens books or even more pathetic the Wiggles merchandising. I will grudgingly admit while I am at it that the Wiggles are marketing geniuses. The bastards are draining parents hip-pockets whilst making a fortune for themselves. I digress...I am beginning to have the attention span of a 5 year old

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