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dimanche 23 décembre 2007


Shrek is catastrophic in many ways and last night was a brilliant example of how brilliantly catastrophic he can be.

Shrek had the idea of unclogging the bathroom sink with a sniffy little gadget called 'Plumbo-Jet' acheté à la Pharmacie. He proceeded to do that at one am. I am not sure that the early hour made his eyes bleary and he misread the instructions or he mistook what he was supposed to do with the darn Plumbo-Jet altogether. We had NaOH which is the chemical representation of Sodium Hydroxide, a basic compound projected onto the walls and everything in our bathroom. I came in for a brief two seconds, breathed in NaOH and that was enough to ignite a spluttering of coughs. My eyes were irritated and I had fear of blindness... It was not pretty. Shrek spent the next hour or so cleaning up the spectacular mess left by the NaOH volatile projectiles. He had to wash the whole bathroom down and threw everything within into the laundry hamper which meant joy for me because all I need is to do more laundry.

He told me today that he realises where he went wrong and that next time he would know EXACTLY what to do, i.e. press the wretched 'Plumbo-Jet' down into the sink plug, maintain it firmly there and turning on the tap full blast til the sink slowly becomes unclogged. I do not want to test how well Shrek has managed to comprehend the instructions and carry it out without inducing another disastrous episode. I simply do not want to see Plumbo-Jet get wasted again in my household.

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