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samedi 29 décembre 2007

Shopping par deux mecs

When I asked Shrek to go shopping with Donkey with a precise shopping list he ended up coming back with a lot of junk and only a few items that I actually asked for.

The reason for the junk food and useless plastic toy was according to Shrek due to 'a 35 year old grown man being directed or commanded by a 4 1/2 year old toddler.'
In short one can say 'Un homme de 35 ans(papa poule) a eté dirigé par un enfant gâté ou enfant roi de 4 ans et demi.'

I think Shrek did that deliberately to punish me for having had the nerve to send him shopping. I should have known better !!!

I have noticed a general pattern of me caricaturing (that might not be a proper verb here but you get the gist) my family, Shrek in particular of late. That is partly due to the fact it eases some tension and I have not had much else on my plate of late so whining about hubby and kids is what I do best at the moment until my creativity awakens from its deep slumber... Hell will freeze over and winter be gone.

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