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vendredi 21 décembre 2007

Papa Nöel

I have been especially good this year. As they say in French 'J'ai eté une fille bien sage toute l'année. Alors tu m'apporteras quelque chose extra de la veille de Noël Papa ventre rond ???'

To sustain the myth of Santa Claus is not so bad because the world is already filled with cynicism and the innocence of children gets stripped bare so easily. Children have plenty of time to be cynical so for the first few years it would be fine to feed them the mythical images and start them on a good note. They will discover soon after that the world is full of paradoxes and disagreements and pain and suffering. To be a child and maintain innocence despite all that this world has to throw at you is truly a magnificent feat but unfortunately reality bites you in the backside and swirls you back to the pit of unending soucis*.

*soucis mean worries in French.
**There is a suburb aptly(or not) named Sans Souci in Sydney. How I wish I could live there and be worry free. Blarggggggh wishful thinking got me again!

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