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dimanche 11 octobre 2009


My whole house smells like an urinal and it can be traced back to one source : Baby Taz's toilet training is a work in progress. For every time he actually goes pipi in the potty there are two other accidents somewhere on the floor. He has not actually left a trail of caca on the floor as yet and that is the least of my worries.

Shall we say that Baby Taz is not mature yet and let's hope that this will change in due course or if I had my way it will speed up with my urgings and encouragements. He gets a big fanfare and Bravo and felicitations everytime he actually does the right thing by peeing in the right pot. He has a tendency to pee into our heater, on the floor and inside my thermos cooling bag...hmmm

I am fed up with touching caca, pipi and cleaning up after my kids. I must admit it does fray my nerves sometime especially when the whole orchestra starts screaming ensemble.

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