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dimanche 21 février 2010

Eti 'HAD'

Etihad is an airline which will have to prove its worthiness to me. I feel that I have been 'had' and 'had' being the operative word. I may be naive in believing that their call staff (who hail mostly from Bombay India) know what they are being asked and respond correctly to questions/queries/enquiries without ambiguity misinformed and led me down the path of headiness. In short they led me astray and their way of dealing leaves much to be desired. Shrek will attest to it all being my fault for being pathetically naive. I have also been agressed by their idiotic call staff in Geneva.

I do hope that my impression of them so far is not an indication of things to come and their inflight service exceeds my expectation and restore my faith a little.

At the moment my opinion of them is not very high but I will leave them the benefit of doubt and reserve my negative opinions and feelings and formulate my complaint upon my having actually flown on their flights.

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