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lundi 1 février 2010


River of Babylon,

Ehhh ehhh

There was a river of tears as Lil Miss N and Petit Suisse discovered that I had thrown out some bent paper airplanes and an Indian headwrap that they had fabricated.

Petit Suisse has a knack for folding paper planes...tens of them. I told him that we don't really need so man planes lying around but he was adamant that I had to safeguard them and not trash them.
Lil Miss N was also mightily upset and threatened to tell her teacher on me. The Indian headgear decorated with a paper feather was a crafts project she did in class. I was shaking in my boots.

Shrek is supposedly more discreet when it comes to throwing out waste.

I am taking out a page from Shrek's book.

At their impressionable age they do not get it that we can fabricate and fold paper planes or any other paper based craft time and again over and over... it does not matter really because to them each one is a chefs d'oevre d'Art. They are budding artists and I am not all that sensitive as my sensibilities have been dulled by reality.

I will attempt to be more mindful of such reactions in the future.

I felt like a villain tonight. :(

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