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dimanche 28 février 2010

Little Miss Stroppy

It does not take much to ruffle Lil Miss N's feathers these days. She seems to have a kerfuffle and throw a hissy fit/temper tantrum over the most miniscule things. She is a sulky and insufferable cry baby at least once if not several times a day.

She loves to throw around

'T'es méchant(e)' depending on the sex of the person she is talking to.

I was bed ridden and she blamed me for not having surveyed her 'make believe cabane' which she had concocted out of a blanket and some of her knick knacks... and allowed Baby Taz and Ben to destroy her fortress.

She went on and on and on for a good half hour screaming and hurling
'T'es méchante, je comprends tu n'a pas voulu surveiller...etc'

She gets upset over games that she deems too complicated or unwinnable for her. She is an especially bad loser.

She is just going through a difficult phrase as I do not condone the continuing of this reckless misbehaviour.

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