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jeudi 4 février 2010

Message for my kids !

People who have more money than you are not necessarily smarter or richer (in the all encompassing sense of the word) or better in any way. They simply have more money and as a result may possess more material stuff than you.

It is not material things that will make anyone happy. We all need basic necessities and we need to also feel loved. One needs to have grounding and to feel grounded and balance. We all strive for success and material things but that will not necessarily fulfil us nor should it define who we are. One needs to keep in mind and be mindful of what the most important priorities in life are.

To love and be loved alone cannot feed our mouths, it only feeds our souls. We need material things in order to fulfil our physical beings but to overwhelm our beings with material gain and consumerism and to always seek to attain bigger, moreish and to keep up with the Joneses will render us ultimately unhappy.

To cite a case of the hapless poor little rich girl: a heiress of J&J dynasty died alone, friendless and with only rats as her companions. She died a lonely, wasteful and pointless death because she was crying out for attention and all the money and associated fame that was bestowed on her brought her downfall because she did not need to work for a living, did not need to earn her keep hence was infutilely partying her way and drugging herself to death. This is a reductionist theory and perhaps an oversimplified version. Life is much more complex and complicated than that but I simplify so that one can draw conclusions and life lessons from her example.

Work is sometime underestimated. One needs to feel useful by contributing in some way and to nurture and nourish our propensity to yearn and reach for a higher place but lest we forget where we came from and what makes us whole.

The moral of the story and the ultimate lesson I want to pass on to all of my four children is that having honourable work ethics is important. We need to contribute and participate positively and to feel that we are indeed useful and relevant and self-sufficient and having everything handed to you on a platter will only spoil you from the core. Having all the money and material objects in the world should not be one's lifelong goal. One should strive for a balance of having access to money and living comfortably (noone can define exactly what this level of comfortableness should be) and it differs for different people and yet maintaining our personal relationships with others around us and most of all preserve our self-knowledge and to always be proud of where we came from and what makes us whole.

Mummy and daddy love you all always and we hope that you our children will grow up to be self-sufficient, proud, positive contributors to society and happy adults who will in turn raise more full and well rounded individuals (perchance the case may be).

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