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dimanche 30 décembre 2012

Mish Mash

Our recent menus have featured

bu'n riêu
mi` xaò do`n
chicken nuggets à ma façon
Tam Ky` chicken rice is way better than Hainanese chicken rice which I find extremely bland and boring, Tam Ky` (Viet version) has pizazz and is jazzed up and colourful to boot. It is a dish I periodically prepare and is a big big hit here at the Effacée household.
ga` rôti : chicken thighs and drumsticks à ma façon. I discovered this wonderful recipe and it is a winning recipe approved by the toughest critics aka the Effacés in Switzerland clan.
go?i cuô'n
cha'o ba`o ngu'
soufflés au pommes de terre
soufflés au patates douces
banana cake
gratin au patates douces
tomates mozzarella
bo` pi'a

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