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dimanche 30 décembre 2012

The cast of characters

Shrek : my darling hubby (who can sometime be an ogre in every sense of the word  hence his befitting nickname)

Princess Fiona : moi-même

Petit Suisse : A, our eldest son

Lil Miss N : E, our second daughter who earned this nickname because she is pigheaded and naughty at times.

Baby Taz : as the name suggests he is a whirlwind of Tazzie madness. He is the Energizer bunny without an off button or option and he wreaks havoc wherever he goes, his saving grace is that he has good intentions and a good heart/is prone to sharing and caring.

Lil Miss Feisty : She is as feisty and fiery as her name, she can hold her own and that's exactly how she should be !

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