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dimanche 30 décembre 2012

The mystery of the missing avocado

Recently I bought two avocadoes : one I used in a delicious impromptu concoction that involved Coquilles
St -Jacques for our cosy Christmas dinner at home.

The other one I left on top of the toaster oven as it was a place that was easily accessible and I knew that I would find the avocado without difficulty...Alas two days later when I needed the avocado it was nowhere to be found. My first instinct was to blame Shrek as he is the resident tosser... he would without hesitation throw out anything and everything on a whim because he cannot stand accumulation of objects...sentimental or otherwise. Yet he would anticipate events that might never happen and buy in anticipation...he knows what I am talking about but we won't be dwelling on that here... I have searched relentlessly and fruitlessly and futilely for the missing avocado and I know I will one day find the rotten avocado hidden somewhere ridiculous. We still suspect maybe the kids played and hid it somewhere but they cannot tell us where or if they have in fact seen the avocado in question...............

The missing avocado remains a big unsolved mystery in our household and I have wracked my brains but the answer is nowhere to be found.

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