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dimanche 12 avril 2009


Today for some unknown reason, perhaps I can blame it on the full moon or crescent or whatever but Petit Suisse really ticked Shrek off. He must have been bored and not know what to do with himself so he used a chocolate foil wrapper and scratched the plastic LCD TV flatscreen which we have had since only a few short months, so almost brand new. He did not just leave one line or two but myriad and multitude of scratches on the screen. Shrek discovered and much to our dismay he had been indulging in this non-too-healthy but rather destructive and reckless behaviour for some time hence Shrek lost his cool a bit. I am the one that usually goes ballistic over these types of behaviour but came I could not really add more injury. Petit Suisse has a tendency to do dumb things...which we will have to rectify with lots of explanations on why certain things are off-limits.

Anyway I think kids doing activities unsupervised can sometime lead to mishaps but one cannot always be following their every move and have to allow some unfortunate incidents to happen sometime as long as it does not end up in anyone being hurt...It goes hand in hand with the territory of being parents I suppose.

What pisses me off most is when Petit Suisse knows he has done something incrediby stupid and stands there dumbfounded, not acknowledging anything and becomes a muted, wide-eyed puppy who doesn't know what he has done to deserve such enraged chiding. He needs to learn pronto that if he is chided and disciplined/punished it is merited and with just cause.

I simply want children to reflect upon what they have done and think twice the next time they are about to embark on reckless acts.

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