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dimanche 12 avril 2009

Capri stew

Bravo Shrek for always balancing your faux pas with wonderful/thoughtful/good/kind deeds. The capri stew Shrek made 3 days ago tasted really great as left over today because like all stews that have been sitting for a while, the flavours stemming from herbs and spices have had time to seep into the meat leaving it flavourful and aromatic.

Another little victory and you can add capri stew to your repertoire. Although just the day before Shrek had made a weird concoction of veggies...broccoli and carrots were way too crunchy and tasted almost raw, zucchini was overcooked and mushy, in short not the greatest dish you have cooked or far from it.

Just to even things up and keep it all balanced in an equilibrium. While I am at it, I have to declare Shrek the greatest oyster opening champion/ Roi des huitres. Once he even opened his share and let me eat every single one (all 12 of them) all by myself, it shows that he has great self-control, does not fancy oysters as much as me, a bit of both and that he really loves me to be able to watch me thoroughly savouring every last bite without taking a single sip/taste of the fruit of his labour. Opening oysters is a pain in the ass and I am glad that Shrek is able to spoil me once in a while.

Love is when you can open oysters and let your partner eat without requesting a taste.


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