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mercredi 8 avril 2009

Reason why we belong to the poor working class

A photo of what my fridge looks like after having spent 120 Swiss Francs on different sorts of yoghurts, most notably 'Perle de Lait', une specialité laitière Français which we love here at the Lost in Switzerland household. I must say though that having an overdose of such a delish dairy product leaves us less than enthralled. We need to starve for it by only consuming it in small, regulated doses otherwise it loses its charm.

We are big yoghurt consumers as can be deducted from the depiction of our fridge. We go through phases of veggies, fruits, cheese, yoghurts, meats and fishes...

The reason we are poverty stricken is because it is not cheap to feed 'les faims des loups' ah ooooh wah oooooooh and to buy nappies for two overly anally active babies, mostly Ben and Baby Taz to a lesser extent. It will only become more expensive the older and more exigeant and demanding they become.

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