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dimanche 19 avril 2009


I have a small suspicion that I might be suffering from a mild case of hayfever as I have itchy and irritable eyes that are puffy/have puffed up.

I have always thought that I could evade this but finally have succumbed-

Springtime will now be hellish...well I hope that I do not suffer to the same extent as Shrek.

Update: it was the Clinique moisturiser that ignited this allergic reaction. Phew at least that can easily be taken care of. Take away the moisturiser and voilà, done.

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Fusion a dit…

I just have puffy eyes and itchy/irritated and swollen face due to a 'Clinique Cream'

It is disagreeable and I hope it will go away shortly.

I hope Shrek has thrown out the guilty pot of moisturising cream.