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dimanche 26 avril 2009

His and Hers

I have my shortcomings and so does Shrek. At the moment my biggest problem seems to be prioritising. I cannot get my priorities straight, although this is in correlation to minor things...or major depending on whose point of view you take. Granted that I do misplace what needs doing most at critical times...which invariably involves Shrek all the time, funny that. Anyway to cut to the chase I have to have food on the table waiting for Shrek's arrival one Sunday night a month at 11.30pm or thereabouts so that he can simply down and swallow in lightning fast pace and then go straight to bed without any time wasted.

Shrek on the other hand has a major problem with anger management and needs to keep his temper in check and save me some major lecturing and nagging.

I will attempt to change my ways but I do not think that my 'provocation' grants Shrek to shoot his mouth off or 'engueuler'. It is his form that beseech eschewal.

I do hope that similar regretable events will not take place in the future. I will contribute and try to make sure that I do my part to prevent such an occurence from happening.

We do not see eye to eye on many issues and that is just one of the many instances.

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