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dimanche 7 mars 2010

Week 8/52

A steaming bowl of Vietnamese chicken noodle soup aka Pho Ga

Vietnamese chicken curry

The glorious food moments of this week are especially memorable as I have a tendency to cobble together quick meals that are easy and unencumbrant to prepare due mostly to time restraints which arise out of having four kids to survey. I actually made a mighty effort to cook something that I normally would just pass up as taking too long and needing too much exertion and effort. I hope to create and bake and cook great Vietnamese and other cuisines at least once a week. I do hope to build up my cooking and culinary repertoire as well as a baking folder filled with recipes that I can pass onto my children.

It is said somewhere that one keeps ones culture alive through food.

Food is after all a very big part of culture. Food together with art, language and traditions as well as other components compose culture as we know it.

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