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jeudi 11 mars 2010

I can see clearly now !!!

I can see clearly now the dirt and grime is gone thanks to SHrek !
Shrek was wonderful today. He wiped the floors, cleaned the windows and was generally very pleasant unlike his ogre usual self.

Big points, props and kudos to Shrek !

I have included photographic evidence of Shrek in action because for the very first time in a year and a half since we moved in he actually cleaned the windows .

It is cumbersome and I can completely see why it is not a household chore/task that anyone looks forward to.

Well done Shrek, my vision is no longer impeded by grime.

It is not going to last for long though as luck would have it we live with four little rugrats aka monsters (though we love them dearly) and they can be counted on to ruin any efforts Shrek may have made in meticulously cleaning the windows by leaving their prints and paws on the glass panes.

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