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lundi 22 mars 2010

The tulips are alive

I could hardly believe my eyes when I set them on my balcony recently. The tulip bulbs I had planted in September and subsequently forgot about had survived the frost, the snow, the unforgiving sub-zero temperatures and were thriving. They are going to flower in May.

I do not know why but I am damn excited about the prospective flowering of tulips that I planted. I am no longer death maiden to plants. Tulips and another evergreen tree have survived. Hoorah, hoorah.

I had to include photographic evidence because it has been one of the rare occasions that I have successfully planted something that comes to fruition or flower in the case of tulips.

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Anonyme a dit…

Be Phuong is getting better and better day after day, in all terms. Someone who managed to have 4 healthy kids cannot miss some tulips !! Ty