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dimanche 21 mars 2010

Pâtés chauds

It has been at least two years since the last time I baked Pâtés chauds. Pate sô (a French inspired/influenced Vietnamese puff pastry with a savoury filling of predominantly ground pork combined with vegetables and flavoured with fish sauce the ubiquitous Vietnamese condiment)

I decided on a whim to defrost 2 kgs of pork and Shrek was kind enough to mince them for me. I then went on to make a tray full of Pâtés chauds and used up the minced pork in wontons soup as well as Vietnamese cha : steamed/baked eggs and cinnamon ham cha? quê'

I usually go all out when I decide to make and cook up a storm because I want to use up all the ingredients and end up with a gammut of products which will be eaten within the next week.

Môc : steamed eggs with vermicelli, wood ear mushroom and minced pork

Vietnamese cha chien : fried forced meat

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