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dimanche 14 mars 2010

Week 10/52

I have been positively baking and cooking up a storm. In the midst of my baking frenzy the goodies featured on my makeshift but highly clever four tier display below were obtained. It is a gigantesque and epic effort on my part as I find it time consuming and difficult to have an uninterrupted transgression of time to devote to baking. Although my baking efforts are far and few between I am proud of myself and my achievements... It is not without a hard won battle over inertia, laziness coupled with impediment and hindrances due largely to pestering kids. (firmly with my tongue in cheek in case there is any doubt)

My self made four tier cake stand display.

My vision of high tea complete with a stand/four tier display with strawberry friands and fruits. On the right is My version of crack pie (trade-marked by Momofuku) which I do not find all that appealing tastewise as it is cloyingly sweet.

Waiting for spring

The superbe artistic flair and creativity of the Year 6 primary classes in the local schools amounted to the fantabulous display of flying objects.

The photographs of Week 10 are a culmination of my personal endeavours as well as those of school children.

Waiting impatiently for spring to settle the score with the biting cold frost of winter.

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