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dimanche 21 mars 2010

Lemon curd

My lemon curd has craters but you know what it tastes damn good and I do not care about its not-so-perfect appearance

My very first attempt at making lemon curd which was wolfed down by my whole family. I had put off making lemon curd because I was intimidated by 'curd'. It had this aura of difficulty and effort but the easy peasy lemon curd recipe I found rendered curd an effortless exercise of arm muscle as stirring for 15 mins would strengthen your biceps if nothing else. It may replace peanut butter as our fave brekkie spread. It is versatile, slightly acidic, addictively good and I plan to experiment and use it in my savoury dishes as well.

I admit I have long been a lemon curd lover and now have turned my family into lemon curd fiends as well.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Now you have a ChickenAid, it's more than easy to do lemon curd, itsn't it?

Fusion a dit…

The thing is that ChickenAid aka KitchenAid cannot assist lemon curd making which involves stirring a pot with a mixture comprising of lemon juice, eggs, sugar and butter on low heat for 15 minutes. KitchenAid can assist in the beating or whisking or mixing of ingredients but not on a stovetop.